Chico dance Ar is 1 of 2 Augmented Reality experiences I have created featuring Chico the chihuahua.
Chico is from my book series Buddy, Sierra & Chico available on Amazon. Feel free to take Chico to any surface and let him dance for you. The 2nd AR experience will be available soon, so be sure to check back here for that.
 The 3d model I created of Chico  is available to view on sketch fab, which give you the opportunity to see Chico in VR with a VR headset. Check the Sketchfab model viewable in VR page I will be adding more to there in the future.

This is the QR code to scan for 

the free Chico dance AR experience.

If you are unable to scan a QR code

this is the link to the AR experience

This is the 2nd Chico Ar experience. He's made a bit of a mess and needs to clean it up with your help.

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