This is an early  3d model I made of Cliff, this section will start to build up as I continue my journey in 3d animation, I will not give up on the 2d animation though.

An experiment into using mixamo animation on my rigged character

as well as using a mixamo zombie model and various camera techniques.

A 3d remake of my 2d animation "quack "

 I sculpted the 3d model in Nomad Sculpt and animated the model and scene in blender.

A total reworking of my 2d animation "cockadoodle doo" 

I made the model in Nomad sculpt on Ipad then rigged and animated the model and scene in blender. Looks a bit Aardman like but not intentional.

A 3d model of Grogu I created in Nomad Sculpt and edited in Blender. There is a video showing the modeling of the head on my Tutorials page.

Part of my flatulent creature series I updated one video to 3d

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